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Durst Laborator 1200 (L 1200) B&W Multigraph Enlarger

This is the last L 1200 model that Durst produced.  It is considered by many as the finest enlarger ever made.  They are extremely hard to find because those who could afford to buy them never let them go.  This enlarger has a computer controlled exposure timer that is incredibly useful when trying to produce exact results or reproducing previously determined settings.  Most (all?) enlargers are "rickety" and this model is INCREDIBLY solid, precise, and a wonderful example of German engineering (Durst is actually an Italian company on the Germany border and has a particularly strong presence in Germany).

I have available all of the necessary enhancements including support for 35mm through 4x5 film, various lenses to optimize exposure for the different film sizes.  I bought this for a show I did in 2000 and used it for only a few months and never since.  It is in mint condition and I could not recommend it highly enough to the serious B&W photographer or professional development house.  It is an incredibly easy to use enlarger because all of its gearing is unusually precise, thus requiring little to no adjusting for exposure control.

L 1200 Enlarger

The Laborator 1200 is designed for film sizes up to 4x5 in (10.2x12.7 cm). Enlargements up to a print size of max. 20x30 in (50x70 cm) are possible on the baseboard. The Laborator 1200 basic enlarger consists of a stable column, a large, robust baseboard, the head support and professional film carrier including two carrier glass inserts.  Interchangeable illumination systems including a color head, a B/W head with condenser illumination, a B/W head with point light source, and a B/W head for variable contrast material are available.

The enlarger head can be steplessly pivoted up to 90º for wall projection. The lens carrier also pivots to permit full distortion control according to the Scheimpflug principle. Reference scales ensure exact reproducibility. (The image here is with a color head - I am selling the L1200 with the Multigraph head, which is the computer controlled exposure, B&W condenser head - the "Femo MG Multigraph Enlarger" section below describe it further)

The focus is set by a handgrip, and for large scales by a pull-out extension arm. Double-sided guide rails on the lens carrier ensure better edge to edge sharpness.

The height is adjusted by a double-purpose handgrip for fast and fine adjustment. A counterweight spring ensures counterbalancing. There are “cm/inch” and magnification scales on the column for precise resetting.

The heavy duty metal film carrier meets professional users’ standards. Designed for film sizes up to 4x5 in (10.2x12.7 cm), the carrier is equipped with registering pins, steplessly adjustable masking strips and interchangeable metal format masks and glass inserts.

Femoneg BA30000 - Standard negative carrier.  Uses Femomask inserts, 35mm through 4"x5" formats.

FemonegAM BX30000 - "American" negative carrier.  Produced to fill requests for a negative carrier and inserts that will show D-max around the image area.  Uses FemomaskAM inserts 35mm through 9x12cm formats.  4"x5" negatives use the FemoglaAM AN Anti-Newton Glass insert in the upper position and the FemoglaAM optical glass insert in the lower position.

Item# AA30025 - Shown without included baseboard, column, and mount

Femo MG Multigraph Enlarger (without negative carrier)

Variable contrast and graded paper 4x5" enlarger consisting of:

    * 1 Femochasis enlarger column for film sizes up to 4x5"

    * 1 Femobre baseboard for L 1200 chassis

    * 1 Multigraph microprocessor enlarger head with permanent closed loop system

    * 1 MG 450 mixing box for film sizes up to 4x5"

    * 1 control deck with built in timer

    * 1 measuring probe for automatic calculation for contrast, density and grade

    * 1 power unit with built in stabilizer (115/230 Volts - switchable)

    * 1 Colamp 250 S selected 250W/24V halogen lamp

Key Features

  1. Bullet    This enlarger features a sturdy metal-section column, rapid and fine adjustment of the unit head, a counterweight spring to compensate for the weight of the head, a telescoping extension arm for focusing, and a large, stable baseboard.

  2. Bullet    Film sizes up to 4x5" are used and enlargements up to 20x30" prints can be exposed on the baseboard.

  3. Bullet    Includes an extremely precise, sturdy metal film carrier for sizes up to 4x5" with integrated location pins, steplessly-adjustable masking strips, and exchangeable metal size masks or glasses.

  4. Bullet    Unlike some enlargers, the L 1200 has full distortion control based on the Scheimpflug principle, and wall projection thanks to steplessly adjustable swiveling of the head and lens stage.

  5. Bullet    The L 1200 Multigraph is a microprocessor-controlled enlarger head for printing b/w variable contrast papers. It includes a 250W light source and format-matched mixing boxes, integrated Permanent Closed Loop in-light monitoring, motorized color filters having density values from 0-170 and motorized light shutter, plus integrated fan for low heat generation in the lamp housing.

  6. Bullet    Note: This lamphouse is actually fancier and more feature-laden than the CLS 501 dichroic color lamphouse. It uses a closed-loop system to maintain accurate filtration for the contrast grades, and you can select 50 grade steps in 0.1 grade increments. Plus you can program in 5 contrast tables for different paper characteristics. It also includes an internal shutter mechanism – this is particularly helpful for short exposures since it eliminates any warm-up or after-glow effects of the lamp. The timer includes three burn-in memories which can store different times and contrasts for localized control of the image.

Laborator 1200 Accessories

wallmount2.tif (15404 bytes)

Item# UW30002 L1200 Wall Mount

For attachment to wall

setopla&lapla.tif (12986 bytes)

Item# PB16000 Setopla 2839  for 35 - 50mm lenses with 39mm threads

Item# PC31000 Lapla 39   for 80 - 135mm lenses with 39mm threads

Item# PF31000 Lapla 42   for 80 - 135mm lenses with 42mm threads

Item# PG31000 Lapla 50   for 80 - 135mm lenses with 50mm threads

femotub.tif (42670 bytes)

Item# PA30000 Femotub

For 1:1 magnification (with 150mm lens)

femomask.tif (20568 bytes)

Item# BX30035 Femomask 35 AM

Item# BX30045 Femomask 45 AM

Item# BX30066 Femomask 66 AM

Item# BX30067 Femomask 67 AM

Item# BX30069 Femomask 69 AM

Item# BX30092 Femomask 92 AM

Glassless format masks for the Femoneg AM film carrier from 35mm up to 10.2x12.7cm (4x5 in)

Item# FU30000 Femomask 35

Item# FT30000 Femomask 45

Item# FR30000 Femomask 66

Item# FP30000 Femomask 67

Item# FN30000 Femomask 69N

Item# FB30000 Femomask 92

Item# FA30000 Femomask 450 for 4x5 film

Item# FS30000M Femomask for 2x2 mounted slides

Glassless format masks for the Standard Femoneg  film carrier from 35mm up to 10.2x12.7cm (4x5 in)

Multigraph L 1200 Accessories

Item# CE47000 MG Box 35

Item# CF47000 MG Box 67

Item# CG47000 MG Box 450

Format-related mirror type light boxes for 35 mm, 6x6 cm, 6x9 cm, 10.2x12.7 cm (4x5 in)

Item# XF48000 Pictope


Varipoint L 1200 Accessories

femocon_80_t.tif (23480 bytes)

Item# KF30000 Femocon 80 T

Double condenser for 80 mm lenses

femocon_50_ t.tif (23318 bytes)

Item# KE30000 Femocon 50 T

Double condenser for 50 mm lenses

B/W Kit L 1200 Accessories

femocon_80.tif (21054 bytes)

Item# KC30000 Femocon 80

Double condenser for 60 mm and 80 mm lenses

femocon_50.tif (16166 bytes)

Item# KD30000 Femocon 50

Single condenser, may be used together with the Femocon 80 for lenses from 28 mm to 50 mm, and with the Bimacon 80 for 50 mm lenses